Shoucases-photo-by-Andrea Piacquadio

Summers Foundation is dedicated to supporting and empowering start-up businesses by showcasing their innovative ventures on the international stage. With a mission to highlight diversity and shine a light on under-represented and marginalized entrepreneurs, the Foundation offers a platform for these incredible businesses to exhibit their ideas and achievements. Through curated events and networking opportunities, the Summers Foundation ensures these amazing start-ups receive the recognition and support they deserve, fostering an environment where innovation and diversity thrive. By providing such exposure, the Foundation celebrates entrepreneurial spirit and helps build connections that pave the way for future success.  

Our Summers Foundation Business Circle offers entrepreneurs a space to network, share ideas, find solutions, and build supportive partnerships, recognizing the power of cultivating strong ecosystems.


From Farmers to Chocolate Bars: Quality organic chocolate made from beans sourced directly from Sierra Leone, supporting local cocoa farmers. These beans then travel to Barcelona, Spain, where local factory employment ensures each bar is crafted to perfection.


Connects medical professionals with career opportunities, including long-term professional growth and specialized training programs.


Evaverso enhances online business success with creative and functional website design and multimedia content.


A taste of Senegal in Spain…these beautifully hand-crafted clothes, trainers and accessories will make stand out from the crowd. Dakart works with small local workshops and promotes sustainable production in Barcelona.  production.


Imagine travelling the world and drinking the finest wines..well this travel agency specializes in just this…wine tourism with the perfect guide offering personalized tours to France, Portugal, Italy and Mexico.


Helping women and non-binary folks to build a thriving tourism business through education, mentorship and community. 


Hair care and design will never be the same …this training academy helps professionals learn how to cut above the best! 


Togather is a platform for healthcare providers to address burnout and advocate for a just healthcare system.


Provides more than yoga…it promotes the wellness of body, mind, and spirit. 
It caters for all ages from 7 to 70…the personal touch is the secret. 


Augur helps design, build, and scale a business that is sustainable for the individual, the team, and the planet.


Massage that uses long, flowing movements to promote relaxation and well-being. Helps with pain, stress, anxiety and depression.


Small art gallery that exhibits and sells the work of local artists, just like these beautiful pieces from Tunde. 


Social media coaching and content strategy for business owners and social media managers.


ETB School of Business offers business development and other training programs.


A beauty salon focused on clients seeking exclusive attention and high dedication in services, with complete privacy.


Trained computer engineer with years of experience in IT support and applying exceptional customer service skills to address diverse needs.


Beautifully hand-crafted clothes and accessories with the Ghanaian magic touch in Barcelona…supporting and training migrant workers through apprenticeships in tailoring and craft-making. 


Looking for your own private chef for that special occasion, then look no further… top quality cuisine is provided within your home…food lovers’ paradise. 


Mary Okeke Reviews focuses on African literature and books by African authors.